Steps To Properly Transfer Your Two-Wheeler Insurance

Steps To Properly Transfer Your Two-Wheeler Insurance

If you intend to purchase a used or second-hand two-wheeler, you may find it helpful to understand the following crucial information regarding the ownership transfer procedure:

Tip 1: Apply to the Regional Transport Office (RTO), where your motorbike is registered when you sell it.

Tip 2: There are two circumstances in which ownership of the bike can be changed:

  • When a buyer is prepared to buy
  • When the bike’s owner has passed away, in this instance, the application has to be submitted by the bike owner’s heir.

Tip 3: You should transfer your bike within two weeks (14 days) if you are selling it within the same state and notify authorities within 45 days if you are selling it outside of your state.

Tip 4: In case of the owner’s passing, the heir must notify authorities within 30 days and the registering officer within three months of the ownership transfer.

Tip 5: Complete Forms 29 and 30 in person at the RTO, along with the RC, fitness certificate, emission certificate, and a valid bike insurance policy.

Tip 6: Remember to give three passport-size photos and the address proof.

Documents Needed To Transfer Ownership Of A Bike

  • The bike’s registration certificate
  • Insurance policy and PUC
  • A no-objection certificate is Form 28. Three copies are required to be submitted by the seller at the RTO.
  • Form 29 details the bike’s sale and purchase by two parties. The RTO is supposed to receive two copies of the submission.
  • The buyer must provide the RTO with two copies of it starting on 30.

Documents Needed To Transfer Ownership Of A Bike In The Event Of Owner Demise

  • After completing Form 30, attach the chassis print and send it in.
  • Complete Form 31.
  • Fill out the Transport Vehicles Forms TCA and TCR.
  • A Death Certificate (DC) from the owner of the two-wheeler
  • A succession certificate, a nod of approval from the bank or financier, and an affidavit from the successor (if any)
  • It is necessary to submit all of the vehicle’s legitimate documentation. By Central Motor Vehicles Rules 1989, Rule 81, you must also submit the vehicle documents and the registration fee.

Transfer Bike Insurance To The New Owner

Always make sure you have done the Bajaj Allianz bike insurance renewal online in the first place. Remember to transfer your bike insurance policy to the new owner when you decide to sell your bike and buy a new one. Notify your insurance company beforehand to ensure coverage.

Here’s how to transfer two-wheeler insurance online to another person.

How Can A New Owner Take Over My Insurance For My Bike?

To transfer Bajaj Allianz two-wheeler insurance ownership

  • Visit the RTO where your bike was registered.
  • Submit forms 29 and 30 with the RC, insurance documents, emission test papers, and a photo.
  • RTO verifies the documents and transfers insurance ownership to the new owner if all is in order.

Essential Considerations For Transferring Bike Insurance To A New Owner

Ownership transfer timelines:

  • Same-state buyer: 14 days.
  • Buyer in another state: 45 days.
  • In case of the owner’s passing, Buyer has 30 days to notify.

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Standard T&C Apply

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