The Quantum Body: A Novel Approach 

The Quantum Body: A Novel Approach 

It is a common understanding that a healthy mind dwells in a healthy body. Unfortunately, the conventional medical fraternity is obsessed with treating the body rather than the mind. The result of simply getting rid of the symptoms instead of taking a more holistic approach makes treatment difficult. While Eastern medicine has always accepted the fact and proven more holistic healing, their Western counterparts relied heavily on chemical-based prescription drugs instead of altering the lifestyle. Thankfully, there is a new book highlighting this. A result of perfect collaboration by three experts and masters in their respective fields, The Quantum Body is out to piqué the curiosity of avid researchers and readers who are all agog for more information about healing strategies. 

What is the concept of The Quantum Body?

The idea is novel, to say the least. However, it is intriguing to trace the facts that involve knowing more about the quantum world. The perception of the experts is provided from a different perspective that makes the reader wonder and feel drawn to the book at the same time. The primary reader for the study of the quantum body is described as learning to live a longer and more fulfilling life. 

There are diverse pointers about how you will age, live a more fruitful life, eradicate diseases, and ultimately live longer. 

The fantastic concept explains that it is your physical body that will age, be injured, decay, and die ultimately. However, there exists life at the subatomic level as well. This is an infinite source of energy that is a part of everyday life. It is this body that impacts every aspect of your life right from thoughts, sensations, and feelings thereby eliciting biological responses. 

The authors argue that there is no physical body without the quantum body either.  You must be aware of this fact to avoid being impacted by negative thoughts all through your life. There are seven distinct takeaways from the book. You are sure to be intrigued by the findings and try your best to live life King-size without being excessive in any aspect. The facts that you need to remember to live a fulfilling life sans suffering and disease are:-

  1. Nature of Reality– The quantum field has been described as non-local. This indicates the transfer of thoughts and feelings over long distances almost instantly. The transmission is done without you being aware of it. 
  2. Uncertainty –  It is a principle that states that you would be unable to know the position and the momentum of a quantum particle accurately at any given point in time.
  3. Entanglement- This is a unique phenomenon that indicates the linking of two or more quantum particles that reveal identical results even when separated by huge distances. 
  4. The Observer Effect– You may observe a quantum system closely and succeed in influencing the outcome. 
  5. Quantum Coherence– The quantum particles maintain the same relationship with each other thus succeeding in the emergence of complex phenomena. 
  6. Quantum Jumps– The sudden and spontaneous transition of quantum particles is referred to as jumps. 
  7. Quantum Field Hologram– This is a suggestion that indicates that the universe is a holographic representation of the quantum field. 

The Quantum Body book opens up new avenues of thought with reduced aging, lack of diseases, and living a quality life being the objective of the authors. 

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