6 Ways In Which A Community Can Participate In Development

6 Ways In Which A Community Can Participate In Development

In as much as a community may look up to the government for assistance in terms of growth and development, it is important for them to realize that they have a fundamental role to play to ensure that they achieve development. It starts with an individual’s contribution by doing small meaningful things that impact greatly to society.

  1. Creating education awareness

It is the responsibility of the society to encourage children and young people to pursue education. Many young people engage in harmful activities such as drug abuse, which affect them socially, mentally and physically. When young people get motivation from the society, assistance from Planet Aid or any other organization in provision of education facilities will be fruitful.

  • Adapting new lifestyle

Culture is beautiful and fascinating, however, certain things that affect young people particularly the girl child in the sense of female genital mutilation need effective elimination so they can focus on education and be able to help their families one day. Communities can adapt good values of collectively giving out some essential things people lack and therefore reducing the level of neediness.

  • Conserving the environment

Environment conservation is a collective responsibility and therefore, the community plays a major role in ensuring that the environment is in a good condition. From cleaning to protecting forests and ensuring water bodies are not susceptible to pollution. A leader in a community should advocate for this and the result will be outstanding.

  • Putting up special days

There are so many days allocated for various purposes. A community needs to have a giving day whereby everyone in the local area takes part in giving out something to help people in need, to appreciate the hard work of others and to motivate people to live in unity. This will motivate Planet Aid Clothing Donations to work with various communities in achieving development.

  • Hard work spirit

One of the elements for growth and development is hard work. It is one of the best virtues of humanity and in that case, a community with hard working people will prosper within a good period as compared to a community where people do not want to make efforts to succeed.

  • Good relationships

In as much a community will focus on development, it needs to ensure that there is good relationship among people. Good relationship is one of the factors that enhance coordination when people work towards a common goal. It is essential in that regard.

A community that stands together will enjoy the fruits of growth and development in due time together. There will be motivation to work harder to achieve more so that when the CSR and the NGOs step in to provide assistance, the outcome is great.

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