5 Cool College Towns in New England

5 Cool College Towns in New England

College towns have a different culture than anywhere else.  Not only do they understand the need for a good education, but they also want to offer fun and excitement so that bored students don’t get themselves into trouble.


These are five awesome college towns in New England, and why they’re so popular!

Boston, Massachusetts

Boston is known for countless things, from its love of St. Patrick’s Day to the incredible bar culture and its passion for sports: but it’s also an international center for higher education and medicine.  While you’re here, you can get the best education possible while also getting to spend your off-time learning about the city and the country you’re in.  There’s nothing as thrilling as a weekend in Boston! 

Burlington, Vermont

If you’re ready to visit a town that wears its achievements proudly, it’s time to check out Burlington, Vermont!  This fun little city has endless water views and incredible outdoor fun and is home to the University of Vermont, Burlington College, and Champlain College.  These are highly popular schools that many excitedly try to get into every year.  While you’re here, try to stop and get a tour!  Learning about the area and getting to see the sights is part of the fun!  Beyond that, Burlington houses for sale are some of the most affordable on this list, making it an even better place to live.  

Providence, Rhode Island

Nearly 400 years old, Providence has worked hard to create a name for itself as being home to one of the top schools in the country.  With Brown University calling it home and recently turning 250 years old, Providence has worked hard to gain traction as an awesome place to visit and learn.  If you’d rather check out the Culinary Arts Museum, we can’t blame you!  It’s a fantastic destination for any foodies out there. 

New Haven, Connecticut

Home to countless incredible schools, from Yale to Southern Connecticut State University, New Haven is a city that understands the need to get a quality education.  While here, you can check out the New Haven Museum, a fantastic attraction that goes further into depth on the area and its educational history, or you can check out the fantastic local eateries and bars!  New Haven is an amazing town that more people need to consider visiting!

Hanover, New Hampshire

With Dartmouth College calling it home, Hanover is often ranked as one of the best places to call home.  This tiny town has less than 20,000 people that call it home, yet somehow it carries the energy of a much larger city.  This allows you to have all of the fun and culture of a big city without any of the traffic or crowds that kill the fun.  Although Hanover is pricier for living, it’s an awesome city to live in. 

College Life Can Be Fun to Explore

Whether you’re considering going to college or you’re looking for a good party town, it’s time to check out some of these awesome options!  Each of these cities is an incredible place to party or get an education.

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